Hi all! Happy New Year and thanks for being part of the Togga community!

Couple items which we’ve covered in our weekly newsletter which you may have missed. First off:

Waivers will RUN on 29 December (after GW20)

Waivers will RUN on 31 December (after GW21)

Waivers will run AFTER the conclusion of GW22. This last one is also noteworthy because GW22 includes the first ‘double gameweek’ of the season. What does this mean? When the Premier League schedule makers elected to shift the Tottenham vs West Ham match to Thursday, Jan 4, 2018 they shifted our game as well. Spurs and West DO NOT play this weekend in GW21; GW21 ends at the conclusion of WBA v Arsenal. Hammers and Spurs players will score 0 points in our game (both draft and PXI).

In GW22 both Spurs and West Ham will play TWO EPL matches and points earned in BOTH matches will count towards your GW22 score. All players will still lock at the start of their first match and will be locked until the conclusion of the gameweek. You will not be able to make substitutions to add those players/drop those players for just the Thursday match as they will all lock at 19:45 GMT Tuesday.

We will still have ranks posted for GW21 and GW22 but if you’re wondering why Aaron Cresswell, for example, is getting bumped into the top 10 defenders it’s because he’ll play a juicy fixture home to WBA and have the potential for more points when they travel to Spurs on Thursday.

WHEN THE WINDOW OPENS there will be new players added! Just like during the summer, when a new signing is made by an EPL club that signing will appear in our game on WAIVERS. Signings are released on a rolling basis. Once the transfer has been confirmed by our statistics provider, they create a feed for us and the player becomes available to add during the current waiver period. Players who transfer between teams (Virgil van Dijk) will remain on the current team owners team – great news for the 85% of you who already own the defender.

Enjoy the matches! Happy, healthy starts to the New Year! Remember to check your email where our own Togga_Jason gets you this information as soon as we have it!