Twitter is in the opposite of meltdown this week as literally nobody is guessing why Shane ‘The Brand’ Tormey has been ousted from this week’s preview pod – but fear not loyal listeners, ‘Fantasy Gaffer’ John Wallin and Mike P more than make up for Brandy’s absence. With the show’s (considerable) dead-weight cast aside, the conversations around Harry’s Kane’s replacement, the form of Sofiane Feghouli and ownership of Leroy Fer are simply sublime. There is an intelligent and nuanced discussion around custom scoring and the correct score for a penalty saved (the smart money says you disagree), as well as – and perhaps most importantly – for the appropriate points score for hair length.

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If the fantasy advice is what you’re looking for then you might want to skip the first 6 minutes of David Dunn and Mario Balotelli related nonsense. If you listen for the laughs then it’s well worth hearing it all, especially to find out how much of the newspaper Gaffer usually reads.

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