Pep Guardiola Manchester City
20 Sep 2017

The Instant Impact of New EPL Managers

So it’s taken just four games, but Crystal Palace have decided they’ve had enough of Frank De Boer. The Dutchman leaves the club bottom of the league with no points and no goals scored, to be replaced by good old Roy Hodgson. The ex-England manager will be taking charge of

02 Sep 2017

The Inner Geek of Football: Justifying Premier League Transfer Fees

Last year I wrote a piece which attempted (I would like to think successfully!) to justify the transfer fees paid for two oft-lamented English players: John Stones and Raheem Sterling. Today I revisit that article below, but with a few timely additions… Editor’s Note: The article below is one of

Jamie Vardy Leicester City
15 Aug 2017

FPL Draft GW1: Winners and Losers

Honestly, no one really likes a draw. A draw is like eating a gluten free cupcake.  I am all about eating healthy, but if I am going to eat a cupcake then I want all the gluteny goodness! When I check the scores I want to know who won (Arsenal!)

FPL Stats Lukaku
04 Aug 2017

Predicting the Performance of the EPL’s New Arrivals

Finally the wait is almost over. It’s been 75 days since the curtain was drawn on the 2016/17 season, but now we’re just a week away from Premier League football. So what will the new season bring? A title to Manchester? A return to the Champions League for Arsenal? Silverware

Harry Kane Christian Eriksen
01 Aug 2017

FPL Draft Insight: Picking Dynamic Duos

It seems that the days have gone when teams play with a classic little n’ large attacking duo up front. In fact, many teams now employ formations which do not utilize two forwards, or require a hybrid attacker. This often means the most potent attacking duos aren’t two forwards, but

Chelsea FC Alvaro Morata
25 Jul 2017

FPL Transfer Recap: Chelsea’s Morata and Bakayoko

Fantasy Premier League values can be made or lost with a single transfer. FPL Draft managers using the Draft Guide can supplement that knowledge with this series by author Luke Dykes. Luke is breaking down all you need to know from the seemingly endless transfer window this summer. If you’ve

Romelu Lukaku Paul Pogba Manchester United
13 Jul 2017

FPL Showdown: Which FPL Forward Goes First?

When playing fantasy Premier League forward is one of the weakest positions around. This is doubly true when playing FPL draft. Last season, only Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku, Sergio Aguero, Diego Costa and Roberto Firmino scored at a rate that would make them top tier forwards. This season in drafts (assuming