As you have no doubt noticed, our platform has had some difficulties the past few gameweeks.

We’ve heard from thousands of you about your concerns, frustration and anger over the issues. We know how deep the passion is for the game and the investment of time each week. We know everything that is on the line for so many leagues. Every time the system does not perform how it should, it is a gut wrenching feeling to let the community down.

We are very sorry.

We have brought on a new engineering lead whose primary function is to improve the stability of the platform during peak times. He has identified a clear plan to optimize the infrastructure and codebase that we will be working towards during this upcoming busy period.

You might not know it, but if you’re reading this, then you have likely interacted with the entire handful of people who handle our day to day. As we work out our growing pains, we are always committed to being there to handle any support requests.

Again, our deep apologies. We’re working towards a stable solution.

-Scott Faust, Founder