As the final six matches of the Premier League season have finally been scheduled, we can provide the definitive guide for our end of year plans. Reminder, players lock for the week at the time of their teams kickoff for the first match of the week. This means in GW35 that Burnley players lock on Thursday, April 19 and remain locked through their second match of the GW.

This weekend – gameweek 33 – will go ahead with the 10 previously scheduled matches:

SAT: Everton v Liverpool; WBA v Swansea; Leicester v Newcastle; Stoke v Spurs; Watford v Burnley; Brighton v Huddersfield; Bournemouth v Palace; Man City  v Man Utd

SUN: Arsenal v Southampton; Chelsea v West Ham

The same with gameweek 34:

SAT: Southampton v Chelsea; Swansea v Everton; Huddersfield v Watford; Burnley v Leicester; Palace v Brighton; Liverpool v Bournemouth; Spurs v Man City;

SUN: Newcastle v Arsenal; Man Utd v WBA

MON: West Ham v Stoke

In gameweek 35 there will be ten (10) matches but not every team will play. This week will start Tuesday, April 17 and run through Monday, April 23. Burnley have two matches and Huddersfield have no matches:

TUES: Brighton v Spurs

WED: Bournemouth v Man Utd

THURS: Leicester v Southampton; Burnley v Chelsea

SAT: Watford v Palace

SUN: Stoke v Burnley; Arsenal v West Ham; WBA v Liverpool; Man City v Swansea

MON: Everton v. Newcastle

Gameweek 36 back to normal. This is the first week of playoffs if your league has enabled playoffs. Top six (6) teams make the playoffs with 6 v 3 and 4 v 5 being played GW36

SAT: Liverpool v Stoke; Southampton v Bournemouth; Newcastle v WBA; Palace v Leicester; Burnley v Brighton; Huddersfield v Everton; Swansea v Chelsea

SUN: West Ham v Man City; Man Utd v Arsenal

MON: Spurs v Watford

Gameweek 37 runs Friday, May 4 through Thursday, May 10 and includes 16 matches with 12 teams getting DGW:

FRI: Brighton v Man Utd

SAT: Stoke v Palace; Arsenal v Burnley; Bournemouth v Swansea; Leicester v West Ham; Watford v Newcastle; West Brom v Spurs; Everton v Southampton

SUN: Man City v Huddersfield; Chelsea v Liverpool

TUES: Swansea v Southampton

WED: Chelsea v Huddersfield; Leicester v Arsenal; Man City v Brighton; Spurs v Newcastle

THURS: West Ham v Man Utd

Gameweek 38 is the final week of the season and the Championship match for leagues with playoffs enabled. All 10 matches kickoff at the same time on Sunday, May 13.

WAIVERS will be updated shortly with processing dates.