21 Dec 2017

FPL Ranks for Game Week 19

Roy Hodges, Sam Allardyce, and David Moyes are the talk of the EPL Table and, for now at least, not the butt of so many Bad British Manager jokes. Woy has gone from Crypt Keeper to Kryptonite (for Riyad Mahrez certainly), taking Palace to 14th along the way. Take away

19 Dec 2017

One-Man Team: Which EPL Club is Most Reliant on their Star Man?

There’s nothing better than the English Premier League over the festive period. Seven game-weeks crammed into 26 days; what more could you ask for? Well, it may be great for the fans, but for the managers it brings non-stop concern over player-fitness and team selection headaches. Who can be rested?

15 Dec 2017

System Issues: An Apology and Next Steps

As you have no doubt noticed, our platform has had some difficulties the past few gameweeks. We’ve heard from thousands of you about your concerns, frustration and anger over the issues. We know how deep the passion is for the game and the investment of time each week. We know

15 Dec 2017

FPL Ranks for Game Week 18

Heading into the seventh fixture in a month for all EPL clubs, there’s more rotation volatility than ever and it’s become paramount to consider matchups before making selections. Anecdotally, and no doubt deeper statistical evidence would support this idea, managers who make the most moves based on matchups will be

12 Dec 2017

FPL Ranks for Game Week 17

Take a peek at these rankings with a few fingers of Scotch and make sure Twitter is your designated driver when you make your selections for GW17. The sheer volume of potential rotation calamities renders all manner of punditry a bit asinine. At this point, we’re all just proverbially flinging

David de Gea FPL Stats
11 Dec 2017

Who’s in Goal? Christmas Special

As the title suggests, this week’s article is slightly different to the usual ones. I won’t just be looking at the next two matches ahead, I’ll be trying to predict the best (and worst) goalkeeper’s for the whole of the festive period. This entails SIX!! game-weeks – so it could

08 Dec 2017

FPL Ranks for Game Week 16

Pogba out and Herrera in could be a blessing for Manchester United and if nothing else, it gives Jose Mourinho another convenient excuse for parking the bus in search of a point. Jose is clearly intimidated by Pep, but don’t be surprised if he channels that into a result. Insecurity

07 Dec 2017

The Alternative EPL Table: Week 15

For those of you who haven’t read these articles before, it is basically my take on how the Premier League should look, when you factor in each team’s varying strength of schedule. More information on the nuances of this calculation can be found here, whilst a look back at the

Guardiola Klopp Mourinho Wenger Conte
06 Dec 2017

Tactical Genius

Tottenham are in the middle of a slump. They’ve won just 1 of their last 6, and even that was only a 1-0 victory over then-bottom-of-the-table Crystal Palace. They’ve fallen to 6th in the table, behind fierce rivals Arsenal (whom they were thoroughly dominated by during this poor run), and