Hugo Lloris FPL statistics
30 Jan 2018

Who’s in Goal? Weeks 25 & 26

It’s official! Crystal Palace are no longer the “go-to” team when making goalkeeper decisions! For the first time this season, we have a new team in the number 1 position. That is (for those unfamiliar with this article) statistically, goalkeepers facing Crystal Palace no longer earn the most points on

29 Jan 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 25

It’s always tempting to get excited about January transfers but here’s a pitcher of ice water for your nether regions: none of these guys matter. Until they do. And even then, they probably don’t. Sure, they’ll one or maybe two 20 point performances, but trust them at your peril. Joao

19 Jan 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 24

If we’re going by the sheer intensity of soap opera narratives, by the time Alexis Sanchez and Henrink Mkhitaryan swap places, the January 2018 transfer window will prove to be the most memorable in recent memory. In the meantime, players like Georges Kevin Nkoudou, Terence Kongolo, Moritz Bauer, and last but

12 Jan 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 23

If Manchester City go Invincibles 2.0, or as I’ll forever describe it, Invincibles Lite*, the trip to Anfield on Sunday is the most difficult remaining obstacle. Before Sadio Mane’s red card in GW4, any neutral viewer suspected City were headed for defeat or, best case, a 3-3 draw. More on

David de Gea fantasy stats
11 Jan 2018

Who’s in Goal? Weeks 23 and 24

It’s only been four weeks since my last article, but in that time we’ve had six game-weeks of Premier League football. During the festive period, we saw managers come and go (does it make any difference?), pundits moan about a lack of winter-break (the only thing stopping England winning the

31 Dec 2017

FPL Ranks for Game Week 22

It’s the first double game week of the 2017-2018 Togga season, which turns these ranks into an orgy of London’s finest footballers. Oh, and some guys from West Ham. For the uninitiated, double game week means that Tottenham and West Ham will receive points for their next two fixtures. It’s

29 Dec 2017

FPL Ranks for Game Week 21

Note the giant dent in the ranks this week as West Ham and Tottenham are left off, but receive a double game week in GW22 for their troubles. Make your waiver moves carefully and accordingly! [Editor’s note: here is more information on Waivers and DGW] If you look through these

Fantasy Premier League
29 Dec 2017

Waivers, DGW and Winter Transfer Window

Hi all! Happy New Year and thanks for being part of the Togga community! Couple items which we’ve covered in our weekly newsletter which you may have missed. First off: Waivers will RUN on 29 December (after GW20) Waivers will RUN on 31 December (after GW21) Waivers will run AFTER

24 Dec 2017

FPL Ranks for Game Week 20

As an American, I probably take too much satisfaction in not knowing the meaning or origin of Boxing Day. Instead, I revel in ignorance that it means when Christmas is finally over, everybody is ready to beat the shit out of something (or one another), because, well, isn’t that the