The Terriers are tearing up the league, which is why four of their players highlight this week’s wavier wire report.  Huddersfield are undefeated and have yet to concede a goal.  The only other team that can claim that recognition is Manchester United.  Not only are Huddersfield in great form, but they also have a favorable schedule following the international break with West Ham, Leicester, and Burnley being their next three opponents.

Tom Ince – Huddersfield, Midfielder, 25.5 Points, 24% Owned

Week 3: 14.5 Points

Week 3 Stats: 3 CC, 2 SOT, 2 AER, 3 TW

Advice: Tom Ince has plenty of upside as he scored 55 goals in 115 appearances while playing for Derby County.  Most people expected Huddersfield to struggle, but that has yet to happen.  Squeeze the Huddersfield orange for all it is worth while the juice is flowing.

Upcoming Games: @WHU, LEI, @BRN

Robbie Brady – Burnley, Midfielder, 35.5 Points, 21% Owned

Week 3: 22.5 Points

Week 3 Stats: 1 A, 5 CC, 2 STO

Advice: How is it that Robbie Brady is only 21% owned when @FantasyGaffer and @TalkinTogga have been crushing on him for the last eight months?  Most of Brady’s production this year came in GW3 versus Tottenham, which should be a sign of his capabilities.  Burnley host Crystal Palace following the international break.  Crystal Palace are awful – snag Brady while you can.

Upcoming Games: CRY, @LIV, HUD

Chris Lowe – Huddersfield, Defender, 35.25 Points, 19% Owned

Week 3: 35.25 Points

Week 3 Stats: 5 INT, 1 TW, 1 CS


Upcoming Games: @WHU, LEI, @BRN

Nyom – West Brom, Defender, 35.5 Points, 18% Owned

Week 3: 16.75 Points

Week 3 Stats: 1 A, 1 CC, 2 SCR, 3 CLR, 3 TW

Advice: Playing as a right outside back.  9.25 lowest return on the year.  Had 78 crosses in 32 appearances last year.

Upcoming Games: @BHA, WHU, @ARS

Christian Atsu – Newcastle, Midfielder, 21 Points, 18% Owned

Week 3: 12 Points

Week 3 Stats: 1 A, 1 CC, 1 SOT, 1 TW

Advice: Christian Atsu is very active on the field and that often results in fantasy production within Togga’s format.  Newcastle’s upcoming schedule is favorable as Swansea, Stoke, and Brighton have two wins among them.

Upcoming Games: @SWA, STK, @BHA

Joseph Gomez – Liverpool, Defender, 44 Points, 16% Owned

Week 3: 25.25 Points

Week 3 Stats: 1 A, 2 CC, 1 SCR, 2 AER, 4 INT, 3 TW

Advice: Joseph Gomez has recorded 41 Points over two starts.  Nathaniel Clyne is still out due to injury and may find it hard retaining his spot if Gomez continues to perform this well.

Upcoming Games: @MCI, BRN, @LEI

Jack Cork – Burnley, Midfielder, 21.5 Points 9% Owned

Week 3: 7.5 Points

Week 3 Stats: 1 CC, 1 AER, 1 CLR, 4 INT

Advice: Jack Cork’s fantasy production through the first three games: 9.5, 4.5, 7.5.  Nothing here to set the world on fire, but Cork is reliable.  Good deep league midfielder if you are looking for consistency.

Upcoming Games: CRY, @LIV, HUD

Tommy Smith – Huddersfield, Defender, 35.75 Points, 8% Owned

Week 3: 22 Points

Week 3 Stats: 5 CC, 3 SCR, 2 CLR, 2 TW

Advice: Tommy Smith has recorded 10.25 and 22 points, respectively, over his last two matches.  Smith scored four goals and had 10 assists in the Championship last year.  Again, the upcoming fixtures are good for Huddersfield…do not miss the bus on this one.

Upcoming Games: @WHU, LEI, @BRN