Manchester City Bernardo Silva
18 Oct 2017

The Alternative EPL Table: Week 8

We all know that guy who tells you – AFTER the event – that he saw it coming. Mertesacker was bound to score away at Watford. Fellaini was clearly going to bag a couple the week before against Palace. But very rarely, if ever, do they admit when they got

12 Oct 2017

Who’s In Goal? Week 8

It’s a question that haunted me every week when I used to manage a Sunday league team, and now it’s a question that haunts me every week when I set my fantasy EPL line-up. Who is in goal? I pick goalkeepers on a week-by-week basis; a tactic which many people

Fantasy Premier League Tips
27 Sep 2017

The Alternative EPL Table: Week 6

Last season I devised a method to calculate an alternative – and more accurate! – Premier League table. The inaugural version, which can be found here, correctly stated that Chelsea’s current position at the time (4th) was undervaluing them, whilst Manchester City’s (1st) was also misleading. The original analysis worked

Pep Guardiola Manchester City
20 Sep 2017

The Instant Impact of New EPL Managers

So it’s taken just four games, but Crystal Palace have decided they’ve had enough of Frank De Boer. The Dutchman leaves the club bottom of the league with no points and no goals scored, to be replaced by good old Roy Hodgson. The ex-England manager will be taking charge of

Paul Pogba Manchester United
13 Sep 2017

Are EPL Clubs Getting a Raw Deal in the Transfer Window?

This summer, eight of the top ten transfers in football were players coming INTO the Premier League. The only exceptions were the record-breaking deal for Neymar (an anomaly that will be discussed again later) and that of Ousmane Dembele – a transfer that likely only came about because of Neymar’s

02 Sep 2017

The Inner Geek of Football: Justifying Premier League Transfer Fees

Last year I wrote a piece which attempted (I would like to think successfully!) to justify the transfer fees paid for two oft-lamented English players: John Stones and Raheem Sterling. Today I revisit that article below, but with a few timely additions… Editor’s Note: The article below is one of

Arsenal starting XI
02 Sep 2017

A Reliable Source Told Me…

Week 3 was tough. With eight teams playing on Sunday, the decisions made on Saturday involved trying to get into the heads of Wenger, Klopp, Conte, and others to figure out what sides they would select, and hoping you wouldn’t be forced to dip into the free agents when your

09 Aug 2017

Big Game Player versus Flat Track Bully

The term “Big Game Player” is easy to understand. He’s the guy that steps up when his teammates and fans need him. The one who produces in finals and title deciders. He’s Tom Brady, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and so on. However, given that it has its origins in cricket,

FPL Stats Lukaku
04 Aug 2017

Predicting the Performance of the EPL’s New Arrivals

Finally the wait is almost over. It’s been 75 days since the curtain was drawn on the 2016/17 season, but now we’re just a week away from Premier League football. So what will the new season bring? A title to Manchester? A return to the Champions League for Arsenal? Silverware

Atletico Madrid Jan Oblak
20 May 2017

Summer Signings Togga Part 3: Defenders & Goalkeepers

The final part of Summer Signings Togga takes a look at the defenders and goalkeepers that might prove useful fantasy acquisitions in the Premier League next season (if they arrive here!). As with Part 1 (Forwards) and Part 2 (Midfielders), there are some limitations to be aware of at the bottom