12 Apr 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 34

There are some steaming turds masquerading as hot takes in my Twitter mentions as GW34 draws near. Let me be blunt: Roberto Pereyra or Ruben Loftus-Cheek or Mamadou Sakho are incredibly risky starts, all of them. I get it though, scarcity and volatility are back to insane levels as the

05 Apr 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 33

Having seen so many screenshots recently of various league tables throughout Toggaland, one thing is clear: it’s squeaky bum times for managers and point differential will be a factor for plenty of league champions. No pressure for your friendly ranker! Injuries, fatigue, context, and derbies have rendered this a particularly

29 Mar 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 32

Can we talk about left backs? No position has come close to generating more of a clusterf*** this year for Togga managers and I refuse to let this season expire without some full-throated moaning about them. After all, I spent two moderately high draft picks on Benjamin Mendy and Sead

16 Mar 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 31

tl;dr – Start ’em if ya got ’em. Congratulations, you’ve made it to Friday, GW31 Eve! Chances are, you find yourself in a 10 or 12 team league and the pickings are absurdly slim and you’re feeling about as confident as a eunuch at a sperm bank. If your patchwork

08 Mar 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 30

I get a lot of questions about how I rank defenders, often when Togga managers, with the benefit of hindsight, are @ raging when wingbacks I’ve ranked highly are failing to produce. So here’s a quick summary of my rationale: within the Top 20 defenders that I rank each week,

01 Mar 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 29

Regardless of which camp one belongs to with #WengerOUT and moaning about Arsenal, there is not one player on that team that can be trusted in fantasy at the moment. Before the back-to-back hidings by City, Arsenal had recently lost to Ostersunds, Swansea, Bournemouth, Forest, and drawn with West Brom.

22 Feb 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 28

£430m was spent during the January transfer window in the EPL, £150m of it on deadline day, and no position in Togga was injected with more drama than FOR. As a result, of the 10 forwards below who’ve either changed EPL clubs or joined their first, every one of them is

09 Feb 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 27

The fate of many a Togga manager rests on the outcome of Arsenal’s clash with Spurs at Wembley where they’ll try to repeat their dominant 2-0 display from GW12. While Arsenal’s away form is middling, they’ve enjoyed plenty of recent results at Wembley and the beatdown they served Everton has

01 Feb 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 26

GW25 made fools of many, but there was justice in the end for anybody who bothered to listen to my suggestions as my week ended in ignominious defeat. I started Zappacosta over Trippier, Barkley over Stanislas, Robertson over Milner, but it was a saved penalty and a key pass (are

29 Jan 2018

FPL Ranks for Game Week 25

It’s always tempting to get excited about January transfers but here’s a pitcher of ice water for your nether regions: none of these guys matter. Until they do. And even then, they probably don’t. Sure, they’ll one or maybe two 20 point performances, but trust them at your peril. Joao