Arsenal FC Nacho Monreal
18 Apr 2017

One Big Thing: Chelsea Still Top, But Arsenal Switch It Up

I was all set to hit “send” on a column focused on Chelsea’s undoing at the hands of their former manager. It was taking me a little longer to author both because I had a lot going on in my day job on one hand and, on the other, it

Son Tottenham Spurs
11 Apr 2017

One Big Thing: Manage In The Moment

Real-time decision-making.  For me, it is both the joy and frustration of the Togga format.  Whether you’re talking about Perfect XI or a draft league, the biggest thing separating Togga from predecessors has been the ability to make changes up until almost the exact minute that a match kicks off. 

Crystal Palace Chelsea
03 Apr 2017

One Big Thing: Flexibility Keeps You Fresh

Being flexible of mind.  It was the standout quality in both the real world and the fantasy world over the course of Week 30.  Being flexible of mind means not allowing yourself to be caught up and stuck in ways of thinking that were productive at one point in time

Arsenal FC Alexis Sanchez
06 Mar 2017

One Big Thing: Arsene, Alexis and X-Men

Given the volume of Arsene Wenger/Arsenal related think pieces you have undoubtedly already seen and will likely encounter early this week, I tried to figure out a different topic for this column.  The thing is, I’m just not sure that there’s anything nearly as compelling out there to write about

Chelsea FC N'Golo Kante
28 Feb 2017

One Big Thing: Kante Looms Over Both Ends of the Table

Just how good is N’Golo Kante? There have been hot takes all weekend about the firing of Claudio Ranieri on both sides of the Atlantic including at my Saturday neighborhood pick-up game.  Rather than rehash ground that has been incredibly well covered by others related to the “what have you

Klopp Pochettino
13 Feb 2017

One Big Thing: Injuries and Ego Stop Spurs

Arrogance is a funny thing. At one level, you don’t ascend to the highest levels of any profession without a self-belief that at least boarders on arrogance if not actually crossing that line. On another level, once those heights are achieved that same arrogance can become a significant detriment to

On-Loan Players Chelsea FC
06 Feb 2017

One Big Thing: Shawn Wright-Phillips Is Step 1

With all due respect to Spurs and their ability to keep Chelsea within touching distance after Week 24, I think we have reached the time when we can declare the Blues the 2016-17 Premier League winners.  The notion that Spurs will pick up ten points or more on Antonio Conte’s men

Danny Welbeck Theo Walcott
31 Jan 2017

One Big Thing: FA Cup Means Naught For FPL

For all of the talk of how the pedigree of the FA Cup is fading, I’ve identified one place where it ranks right up with the World Cup, the European Championships, and the group stages of the Champions League – individual performances are highly overrated. I’ve seen a bunch of

Arsenal FC Arsene Wenger
23 Jan 2017

One Big Thing: Is Wenger Better Than The Next Big Thing?

How you feel about your club’s manager is all a matter of perspective. As an Arsenal and Philadelphia Eagles fan, I’ve lived through two long-tenured managers in Arsene Wenger and Andy Reid. It is impossible to classify either man as anything other than exceptional at his profession. Andy Reid posted

Marcus Rashford
07 Aug 2016

Fantasy Premier League Preview: Marcus Rashford, Manchester United

2016 has been an incredible year for Marcus Rashford and it isn’t even halfway over.  He burst onto the scene with dramatic performances in the Europa League and Premier League scoring goals in big situations and generally providing a breath of fresh air to a Manchester United attack that had