Chelsea FC Michy Batshuayi
17 Aug 2017

Fantasy EPL: Differential Plays for GW2

This week we’re debuting a new post from author Max Kanaya looking at players who are primarily owned in less than 5% of fantasy Premier Leagues on the Togga platform. While the advice is targeted to weekly game players, there is substantial value to be gained for draft league managers

Bournemouth Josh King
17 Aug 2017

FPL Showdown: Under-Performing Stars Set to Bounce Back

With week one of the fantasy Premier League season behind us, it’s time to over-analyze picks. Some FPL managers are already rethinking their drafts as players who they thought were cornerstones of their teams have under performed to open the season. But with fitness, key guys missing, and the first-week jitters

Jamie Vardy Leicester City
15 Aug 2017

FPL Draft GW1: Winners and Losers

Honestly, no one really likes a draw. A draw is like eating a gluten free cupcake.  I am all about eating healthy, but if I am going to eat a cupcake then I want all the gluteny goodness! When I check the scores I want to know who won (Arsenal!)

Danny Welbeck FPL Stats
14 Aug 2017

FPL Draft GW2: Playing The Wavier Wire

What a roller coaster of a weekend that the Premier League – and FPL GW1 – bestowed upon us.  Whoa!  We better pump the brakes a bit before we all go out and drop the Chelsea players on our team for the standouts from Huddersfield and Watford.  With that said,

FPL Draft
14 Aug 2017

Which FPL Manager Are You?

Fantasy Premier League managers are a simple bunch. They take on one of a number of personalities that crop up in every league. Luke Wilkins wrote an excellent blog last year (link below) entitled “12 Fantasy Premier League Managers Everyone Knows” in which he describes some of the personalities that

09 Aug 2017

Big Game Player versus Flat Track Bully

The term “Big Game Player” is easy to understand. He’s the guy that steps up when his teammates and fans need him. The one who produces in finals and title deciders. He’s Tom Brady, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and so on. However, given that it has its origins in cricket,

Paul Pogba Manchester United
08 Aug 2017

Why Paul Pogba Is A Top 3 Pick

Last season Paul Pogba took a lot of unfair criticism from many pundits and fans. His, then world record, transfer fee led to expectations that he was going to completely transform Manchester United and carry them to the Premier League title. While that might be a somewhat hyperbolic interpretation of

kelechi iheanacho manchester city
07 Aug 2017

Summer Transfer Recap: Iheanacho, Matic

Fantasy Premier League values can be made or lost with a single transfer. FPL Draft managers using the Draft Guide can supplement that knowledge with this series by author Luke Dykes. Luke is breaking down all you need to know from the seemingly endless transfer window this summer. If you’ve

05 Aug 2017

Men In Blazers: FPL Special

Our own John Wallin joined the Men In Blazer’s podcast for the third year running to talk all things Fantasy Premier League and FPL Draft. They discuss the MIB Perfect XI league, picking your first squad, the top players at every position and playing differentials. Then they pivot to the